Best of Etsy: June 2015 Edition

Because I’m pretty much addicted to finding unique crafts on Etsy, I figured it would be nice to do a monthly round-up of things I discovered and fell in love with.

I have created quite a menagerie of wonderful shops in the “favorites” section on my Etsy profile, as something to aspire to, learn from, and be amazed at.

This month I present 5 very different stores: while each is unique, they all draw on otherworldly inspiration in their own way.

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First up is Oonacat:

The tagline for this store is “Heelless Hooves and Paws, Creatures, Horns and Masks, Custom made with artistic beauty and high quality materials. Oonacat also makes unique wearable horns and sculpted ears!”

The owner of Oonacat is an oil on canvas kind of artist, and Etsy is her project on the side and a bit of an alter ego- she says as much in the shop’s intro message. Apparently she gained quite a following making wearable hooves and horns, but it was this spine piece that really caught my attention. I don’t know what she uses, but it looks like resin or something similar that you can mold.


I could probably never afford this, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring it.


She also makes these adorable little cat-dragons.

Next up is Raxfox:

“Made in Wonderland” is the shop’s tagline, and it’s certainly apt. If Alice in Wonderland and Jack Skellington moved in together and furnished their apartment, it would look like this. David Mueller, the artist behind the store is based in Germany, and creates fairy-tale, cartoony pieces. It’s probably intended for a child’s room, but I would most certainly buy it for myself.


A kid might get creeped out by this coffin-like bookshelf, which happens to be my favorite, but it’s perfect for my room.


This Jack Skellington wall shelf is a close second.

My third selection is SweetSign:

This shop’s owner is Svetlana, a Russian-based artist who creates a crazy fairy tale with little clay monsters, birds, bunnies, and other characters. I just know each one must have taken hours upon hours to make: it shows in the great coloring, detail, and personality that each figurine projects.


I mean, look at those teeth!

I loved all of her creations, but this bunny has to be my favorite, because of its creepy-cute face and color.


This mouse/fox thing is the runner up because I love it’s backstory: “In the red rocks at the bottom of gorges and canyons lives a creature that eats sounds…”

It’s great when each piece has a backstory.

Then there is Zoa Chimerum Jewelry,

And here is a very different kind of exploration of the organic and animal motif. This shop is owned by creators Ian and Sue-Yee, whose jewelry items feature clean lines and primary colors, while remaining unmistakably nature-inspired.

These pieces look like plastic, but they swear they’re made of flexible rubber. I had a devil of a time picking a favorite, because all their objects are compelling, flower (or insect)-like, and really beautiful.


I would probably go with these earrings and this ring.

The final shop for today is a California sculptor named Kirk McGuire, with his Etsy shop KirkMcGuireSculpture:

This shop sells an array of intricate sea creatures straight out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Hand-cast out of bronze, they are massive, yet incredibly detailed.


My favorite is easily the octopus coffee table, but at a whopping $17,500, I’m pretty sure I will never own it. I can love it from afar, though!


And the runner-up has to be this sea horse dragon sculpture. It’s so delicate!

And here we are, folks! Hope you enjoyed these lovely gems as much as I did.


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