Month: July 2015

Resin Experiments Part 3: Smooth-On resin and ResinObsession resin

20150730_203000Because I love finding new things, once my original resins were used up, I ordered from a couple of companies I haven’t tried yet.

Resin Obsession

First up was Super Clear Resin from the website Resin Obsession, a site where I learned tons about working with resin. While I was at it, I got a flower mold and a pack of toobies (and such great little things they turned out to be!).


toobies! for all your tubing needs

I’ve been happily crafting ever since. All the stuff I got works really well.


Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin

The proprietary Resin Obsession resin is marketed as low-odor and low-bubbling, and it really, really is. You will not really notice the smell, and it’s perfectly okay to use in the room where you sleep (which is where I’m crafting).