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Resin Experiments Part 3: Smooth-On resin and ResinObsession resin

20150730_203000Because I love finding new things, once my original resins were used up, I ordered from a couple of companies I haven’t tried yet.

Resin Obsession

First up was Super Clear Resin from the website Resin Obsession, a site where I learned tons about working with resin. While I was at it, I got a flower mold and a pack of toobies (and such great little things they turned out to be!).


toobies! for all your tubing needs

I’ve been happily crafting ever since. All the stuff I got works really well.


Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin

The proprietary Resin Obsession resin is marketed as low-odor and low-bubbling, and it really, really is. You will not really notice the smell, and it’s perfectly okay to use in the room where you sleep (which is where I’m crafting).



Best of Etsy: June 2015 Edition

Because I’m pretty much addicted to finding unique crafts on Etsy, I figured it would be nice to do a monthly round-up of things I discovered and fell in love with.

I have created quite a menagerie of wonderful shops in the “favorites” section on my Etsy profile, as something to aspire to, learn from, and be amazed at.

This month I present 5 very different stores: while each is unique, they all draw on otherworldly inspiration in their own way.

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Making a Silicone Bracelet Mold: First Attempts (Part 2)

3This is Part 2 of my two-part post on my first attempt at making an original silicone bracelet mold for resin crating. Read Part 1 here.




I de-molded the bracelet after 24 hours. I kind of have mixed feelings about it.

First of all, let me say that the trick I tried, where I put the bracelet on little feet to encase the whole thing in silicone so it doesn’t have a raw edge? TOTALLY WORKS, YOU GUYS.


Check out this edge here. This is the raw edge (where I poured the resin in). This is the edge that normally needs a ton of sanding.


Making a Silicone Bracelet Mold: First Attempts (Part 1)


What I hope to make today. This mold was made by Mandy of the Etsy store Zougeebean. She’s an actual professional.

Continuing my resin experiments, I attempted to make a simple bracelet mold. This is Part 1 of my experiment. Read Part 2 here.

I gotta say: This process was not very pretty. Sorry, it’s hard to take aesthetically pleasing photos of silicone mix.

Enjoy the grittiness- crafting is real!

I should really write a dedicated silicone post. Since starting in this particular crafting direction, I have tried several brands and types of silicone, and there are different aspects of working with each kind (putty vs. liquid, vs. clear liquid) that would be fun to compare and contrast.

But that’s for another time!

For this project, my guinea pig was a clear silicone I bought from Smooth-On, a company that manufactures an astonishing variety of crafting products (I got a resin from them, too).


Sorta-Clear by Smooth-On! They clearly (heh) have a way with brand names 🙂


Resin Experiments Part 2: Encasing Leaves in Resin

IMG_2836The trouble with dried leaves is how fragile they are.

I really like leaves, though. Dark fall ones, light-green spring ones. Oaks, maples, different shapes. They’re pretty, darn it!

It’s a challenge, trying to figure out how to incorporate them into sturdier designs like jewelry or clothing embellishments.

I had these lovely oak branches already in my house. They came from a local florist, though I looked around and found that you can order them from here (Bonus: inexpensive!)

Home decor or jewelry components?

Home decor or jewelry components?

I went and played around with that: Oak leaves, skeleton leaves, and resin fun!


Refashioning Cheap Earrings

earrings 24aIs there anything more satisfying than taking a cheap piece and making it look great? No, no there isn’t. That is the most satisfying of craft projects.

(Although I will allow that perhaps- just perhaps- making a total masterpiece from scratch is even more satisfying).

When I saw these brown string earrings with dull brown hearts, I knew they had potential. They just needed a little tweaking to achieve their better selves.

I sense a lot of potential here

I sense a lot of potential here

I originally spotted these babies at a great accessories store in my neighborhood. It’s great because everything is $1.99.

I’m not a shop owner, but even I know that commercial rent in Queens isn’t nothing. I assume the owners must bulk order straight from AliExpress- how else would you explain these prices?!

ETA: Well what do you know, they have been raided and closed down. Must not have been paying rent after all! 

A couple more $1.99 items from there:

I used the fleur-de-lis bracelet to make my first-ever mold, and used the cuff as a mandrel to shape my resin bracelets. Also, I just like wearing it. Note that it says "Pretty in PUNK"!

I used the fleur-de-lis bracelet to make my first-ever mold, and used the cuff as a mandrel to shape my resin bracelets. Also, I just like wearing it. Note that it says “PRETTY IN PUNK”!

I picked up the earrings because I knew I wanted to tweak and play around with them, but didn’t have a particular plan. I worked it all out on the go, which is the most fun way to do things.


Resin Experiments Part 1: Trying different Resin Brands

Mixing up a batch of resin

Stirring another batch!

My introduction to resin came by way of the amazing artist Riusuke Fukahori, famous for his photorealistic goldfish (you’ve probably seen his work). He takes painting in layers to a new level. Seriously, look at that fish! That’s a level of craftsmanship few of us could ever hope to achieve.

These are painted

These are painted, not live. Although he does keep live ones in the studio.

After watching a YouTube video of his work, I wanted to understand his technique, so I Googled the heck out of resin art.

I still haven’t tried painting like Fukahori, but I did discover jewelry resin, and started watching resin how-to videos obsessively. I learned tons from the artists I found online, and couldn’t wait to try it. But first, I did A LOT of work just reading and absorbing information.

For the sake of reference, here are some of my favorite resin how-to’s on YouTube: