egg decorating

The Golden Egg

Hello and welcome to my first post. I look forward to blogging about all sorts of crafts in your general direction!



With Easter here, there was no way to avoid all sorts of lovely egg inspiration. Know what I mean?

For this first project I wanted to do a golden egg, like the ones that are always popping up on articles about saving money and planning for retirement. (Examples here and here).

I confess I didn’t take the advice yet, but I do like the pretty eggs.

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It’s an easy project. You will need golden craft paint, brushes, a bead reamer, and of course an egg.

Bead reamer, egg, Venetian Gold craft paint

Bead reamer, egg, Venetian Gold craft paint

Step 1. Drill the Egg
First part is to get a perfect egg shell. Obviously, we do not want to paint a raw egg straight out of the carton. Eggs don’t spoil nearly as easily as people think (one summer I left eggs for an entire month in my campground food locker in Yosemite, and they were still good), but eventually it will happen. (more…)