resin art

Resin Experiments Part 1: Trying different Resin Brands

Mixing up a batch of resin

Stirring another batch!

My introduction to resin came by way of the amazing artist Riusuke Fukahori, famous for his photorealistic goldfish (you’ve probably seen his work). He takes painting in layers to a new level. Seriously, look at that fish! That’s a level of craftsmanship few of us could ever hope to achieve.

These are painted

These are painted, not live. Although he does keep live ones in the studio.

After watching a YouTube video of his work, I wanted to understand his technique, so I Googled the heck out of resin art.

I still haven’t tried painting like Fukahori, but I did discover jewelry resin, and started watching resin how-to videos obsessively. I learned tons from the artists I found online, and couldn’t wait to try it. But first, I did A LOT of work just reading and absorbing information.

For the sake of reference, here are some of my favorite resin how-to’s on YouTube: